Burning Man 2014



My name is Cami. As a creative director at Verathon,  I've helped build a creative team that includes designers, a web developer and a project manager. While I provide creative direction and design leadership to the Team, I also do my share of hands on design work.

Additionally, I bring a level of thought leadership to the organization in terms of initial problem solving, strategy development, project planning and presenting to the executive team on a regular basis. I like to tackle design problems wholistically — understanding the full project and interdependencies of deliverables.

I've also worked for Group Health, The Paul Allen Ebola Program, Boeing and Coinstar.

When I'm not designing, I'm an avid skier. Summertime activities include hiking, horse play, kayaking, gardening, seeing live music and occasionally attending Burning Man. I'm also a certified scuba diver holding 5 diving certifications.

I've volunteered at: 
-Save A Forgotten Equine (horse rescue)
-Art With Heart (healing childhood trauma through creativity)
-Impact Hub (a co-working space in Pioneer Square).

Volunteering with rescue horses